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Edward and Lane an European Union Law
– Studentutgåva
Författare:Edward David A. O. , Lane Robert C.
Titel:Edward and Lane an European Union Law – Studentutgåva
Omfång:988 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar

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Key features of the book include:
- Authoritative authorship combining the analysis of a senior academic with the experience of a former judge.
- Comprehensive and wide-ranging in scope.
- Structured specifically to reflect the Treaty of Lisbon reorientation and immediate post-Lisbon developments.
- Extensive reference to primary sources (Treaties, legislation, case law) and to issues of national adaptation.

A fully updated and expanded new edition of a classic text, this authoritative and wide-ranging volume provides expert analysis on the key issues across all areas of European Union law - including its constitutional, procedural and substantive aspects. In particular, coverage of the constitutional and procedural elements includes: historical background and development of the European Union; constitutional structure of the Union; the Treaties: interrelationship and fundamental (constitutional) rules; the institutional framework; jurisdiction of, and actions before, the Court of Justice; sources, principles and methods of Union law.

Comprehensive coverage of the substantive law includes: basic rules; citizenship of the Union; the internal market; the four freedoms; competition; economic and monetary policy; social policy; environmental policy; commercial policy.

Precise and rich in references to the primary materials of the Treaties, the principal legislation and the key case law of the Court of Justice, this highly detailed and comprehensive book will be an indispensable resource for all legal practitioners whose practice must take account of EU Law.


Part I: The Origins and Development of the European Union
1. The History
2. The European Union: Structure and Basic Rules
Part II: The Institutional Framework
3. The Political Institutions and Procedures
4. Other Bodies
5. The Court of Justice
Part III: The Sources, Nature and Methods of European Union Law
6. The Sources, Nature and Methods of European Union Law Part IV: Substantive Law
7. The Principles
8. Non-discrimination and Citizenship of the Union
9. Union Policies and Internal Actions: Introduction
10. The Free Movement of Goods
11. The Free Movement of Persons and Services
12. The Free Movement of Capital
13. Competition
14. Other Policies
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