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The European Union Trade Mark
– A Practical Guide
Författare:Holah Mark , Collis Patricia
Titel:The European Union Trade Mark – A Practical Guide
Omfång:361 sid.
Förlag:Globe Law and Business
Ämnesord:Immaterialrätt , EU-rätt

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The European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) system allows brand owners to protect and enforce a trade mark in every EU Member State through just one registration. EUTMs were previously known as Community Trade Marks and this unique trade mark registration system has revolutionised the way brands are protected in the EU.

2016 sees substantial changes to the EUTM system, not least the change of name. This practical guide describes how the EUTM system works following those changes, including: what can be protected; how registrations are obtained and maintained; the many potential obstacles to registration and how to overcome them; and the rights given by a registration. In addition it explains the specific and peculiar features of the EUTM system, such as seniority and conversion, and covers the link between EUTMs and the Madrid Protocol.

'The European Union Trade Mark' will be an invaluable reference tool for anyone involved in brand protection, including trademark attorneys, intellectual property lawyers and in-house counsel working in private practice or in international businesses, both within and outside the EU.
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