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Originality in EU Copyright
– Full Harmonization through Case Law
Författare:Rosati Eleonora
Titel:Originality in EU Copyright – Full Harmonization through Case Law
Omfång:272 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar
Ämnesord:Immaterialrätt , EU-rätt

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Full harmonization of the copyright laws of EU Member States has long been a holy grail for copyright lawyers, but with the reality thus far being only limited harmonization resulting from ad-hoc legislative interventions, there are serious questions over the feasibility and indeed desirability of this goal.

Notwithstanding, as this book makes eloquently clear, whilst legislative initiatives have been limited, the CJEU has been acting proactively, establishing through its decisional practice the de facto harmonization of an important principle of copyright: the originality requirement.
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