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Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 65
– 50 years of law and IT
Titel:Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 65 – 50 years of law and IT
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Serie:Scandinavian Studies in Law nr. 65
Ämnesord:Allmänna verk och samlingsverk , Internationell rätt , IT-rätt

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In 1968, the first seminar on Electronic Data Processing and Law was held at Stockholm University. Later that year, The Working Party for Electronic Data Processing and Law was established at the law faculty of the University. Regulatory issues and computers as tools for assisting legal work had started to attract attention. The topic area soon became a part of the legal curricula at the law school and the Working Party subsequently developed into a meeting point for scholars and professionals with backgrounds in information science and law. Eventually leading to the establishment of The Swedish Society for Computers and Law in 1981.

The contributors to this volume all have long experience in the field of Scandinavian Law and IT as well as extensive knowledge from multifaceted international settings. The articles have been arranged under subheadings, related to the research areas outlined above. In addition to this, several contributions address a topic that is rapidly becoming an area of acute concern, namely regulatory techniques. Important to mention, however, is that the articles should not be read as exclusively addressing one single issue. In line with the understanding of legal informatics as an interdisciplinary field of research, it is our belief that proficient contributions in the topic presupposes knowledge about both regulative and substantive IT-related matters, and this is also something that is clearly reflected in the majority of the texts presented here. Find out more about IRI and legal informatics at


Law, Legal Informatics and IRI

- Legal Informatics: a Modern Social Science and a Crucial One
Ahti Saarenpää

- Academic Freedom in the Age of Information Technology: Swimming against the tide
Laura Carlson

- Commercial Law in the Information Age
Olav Torvund

- Identifying the Commercial Nature of ‘Influencer Marketing’ on the Internet
Jan Trzaskowski

- Digitization of the Sources of Law
Ruth Nielsen

- Assessing IRI’s Contribution to the Development of ICT Law in Africa
Ubena John

Regulatory Techniques

- Regulation of Unpredictable Effects of Decision Making Systems is Non-trivial
Jussi Karlgren

- The First Intelligence Legislation for Finland
Rauno Korhonen

- Are we Stuck in an Era of Jurisdictional Hyper-regulation?
Dan Svantesson

- From Lex Scripta to Law 4.0: On Legislation of the Future
Peter Wahlgren

Data Protection

- Smart Data Protection
Peter Blume

- Opportunities and Challenges to Utilizing Text-data Mining in Public Libraries: a Need for Legal Research
Liane Colonna

- At the Mercy of Prediction in the Age of Predictive Models and Scoring
Stanley Greenstein

- International Jurisdiction over Cross-border Private Enforcement Actions under the GDPR
Lydia Lundstedt

- Smart Buildings
Cyril Holm


- The Use of the Internet, Social Media and Search Engines by Public Authorities in the Context of Administrative Investigations
Patricia Jonason

- Public Access or Data Protection as a Guiding Principle in the EU’s Composite Administration? - An Analysis of the ReNEUAL Model Code in the Light of Swedish and European Case Law
Jane Reichel

- The Swedish Administrative Procedure Act and Digitalisation
Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg

- Trust on Digital Administration and Platforms
Tuomas Pöysti


- Look Out – Self-driving Vehicles Around the Corner!
Johan Axhamn

- From Facts to Decision Data: About the Factual Basis of Automated Individual Decisions
Dag Weise Schartum

- Law, Technology and Time
Nicklas Berild Lundblad

Intellectual Property

- Grasping the “Invention” in the Digital World. “Technical Effect and Technical Character” in a Technologically Neutral (?) Patent System
Frantzeska Papadopoulou

- Uses of a Computer Program - within the Frames of Exclusive Rights?
Jan Rosén
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