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The Private International Law of Companies in Europe
Författare:Gerner-Beuerle Carsten , Mucciarelli Frederico M. , Schuster Edmund-Philipp , Siems Mathias
Titel:The Private International Law of Companies in Europe
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Ämnesord:Internationell privat- och processrätt , Associationsrätt och värdepappersrätt , EU-rätt

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Can firms freely choose their place for corporation and thus the applicable law? And is it possible that a firm can subsequently reincorporate in another country, with the effect of a change of the law applicable to this country?

In the European Union, the answer to these questions has to consider the impact of the freedom of establishment and the corresponding case law of the Court of Justice. Beyond some general principles, there is, however, considerable diversity between the laws of Member States. Thus, this book aims to provide an up-to-date analysis of this important area of law for all Member States. It is based on a comprehensive study, produced for the European Commission, on the private international law of companies in the European Union.

Table of contents
List of authors. IX
Abbreviations of Frequently Cited EU Materials .. XV
Private international law: statutory sources.. XVII
Part 1: General Part.. 1
I. The problem of the applicable company law in the EU. 1
1. Introduction .. 1
2. Real seat v. Incorporation theory 2
3. Case law of the Court of Justice .. 3
4. Overview of our research . 8
II. Comparative analysis of law applicable to companies .. 10
1. Sources of law . 10
2. Preliminary questions about substantive company law . 11
a) Overview 11
b) Overview of national laws .. 13
3. Determining the law applicable to companies .. 22
a) Overview of national laws .. 24
b) Connecting factor .. 40
c) Outreach statutes 44
4. Scope of the lex societatis. 47
a) General approach 49
b) Incorporation and formalities in particular.. 65
c) The board of directors in particular 79
d) Distinction between the lex societatis and the lex concursus (the law applicable to insolvency
proceedings).. 99
e) Distinction between the lex societatis and the international scope of non‐contractual
obligations 110
f) Re-classification of company law 122
5. Mechanisms to protect public interests (ordre public) 127
a) Overview of national laws .. 129
b) Discussion. 138
6. Reincorporations . 139
a) Outbound reincorporations 144
b) Voluntary inbound reincorporations 166
c) Involuntary change of law .. 176
7. Other areas of law.. 181
a) Overview of national laws .. 182
b) Discussion. 190
8. Jurisdiction 191
a) Overview of national laws .. 191
b) Discussion. 193
9. Critical reflections .. 195
a) Overview of national responses 195
b) Discussion. 205
10. Conclusions 206
Part 2: Country Reports . 209
I. Austria (Schuster/Winner).. 209
II. Belgium (Maresceau/Van der Elst).. 224
III. Bulgaria (Stancheva/Mincheva) 243
IV. Croatia (Babić/Jakšić) 266
V. Cyprus (Markou/Zantira) .. 280
VI. Czech Republic (Pauknerová/Brodec).. 308
VII. Denmark (Birkmose) . 334
VIII. Estonia (Hoffmann) 350
IX. Finland (Pönkä/Sillanpää).. 364
X. France (Menjucq) .. 377
XI. Germany (Gerner‐Beuerle/Siems) . 385
XII. Greece (Papadopoulos) 415
XIII. Hungary (Metzinger). 442
XIV. Ireland (Clarke/Kenny) 461
XV. Italy (Lombardo/Mucciarelli).. 489
XVI. Latvia (Balode‐Buraka) .. 514
XVII. Lithuania (Heemann/Gasparke).. 527
XVIII. Luxembourg (Conac/Cuniberti).. 544
XIX. Malta (Borg‐Barthet/Mallia) 555
XX. Netherlands (Van der Elst/Maresceau) 567
XXI. Poland (Bąk/Rumiński/Morawski/Kuc/Lichnowska/Adamski). 591
XXII. Portugal (Frada de Sousa).. 620
XXIII. Romania (Catană/Oprea/Sumandea‐Simionescu). 642
XXIV. Slovakia (Patakyová/Grambličková) 661
XXV. Slovenia (Trstenjak/Weingerl) 684
XXVI. Spain (Palao Moreno) 699
XXVII. Sweden (Danelius/Sjöman/Skog). 721
XXVIII. UK (Stone) . 729
Bibliography (selection).. 751
Index 759
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