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The Shifting Landscape of Global Trade Governance: World Trade Forum
Författare:Elsig Manfred , Hahn Michael , Spilker Gabriele , red.
Titel:The Shifting Landscape of Global Trade Governance: World Trade Forum
Omfång:442 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press
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Today's trade regime is under pressure. Increasing societal discontent with globalization and increasing disregard for its rules when taking recourse to protectionist measures threaten its legitimacy and effectiveness. The authors explore systemic challenges to the trade regime, inter alia related to development, migration, inequality, the digital economy and climate change.

The Shifting Landscape of Global Trade Governance allows the readers in times of change to put current developments into context and offers an understanding of the different dynamics defining today's regulation of the global economy. Chapters authored by leading researchers from different disciplines - law, political science and economics - address the challenges of the global economic system and share novel outlooks, both theory- and data-based, for the future.


1. Introduction: current challenges and future scenarios Manfred Elsig, Michael Hahn and Gabriele Spilker

Part I. New and Old Challenges:

2. The elephant in the negotiation room: PTAs through the eyes of citizens Quynh Nguyen and Gabriele Spilker
3. Corporate strategy in times of anti-trade sentiment: current challenges and future scenarios Jappe Eckhardt and Louise Curran
4. Understanding and shaping trade rules for the digital era Mira Burri
5. The need for better disciplines on rules of origins in the WTO: evidence from NAFTA Caroline Freund
6. For whom the bell tolls: the WTO's third decade Michael Hahn

Part II. Trade Policy and Trade-Related Concerns:

7. Reconceiving trade agreements for social inclusion Gregory Shaffer
8. Our alarming climate crisis demands border adjustments now John Odell
9. The multilateralization of PTAs' environmental clauses: scenarios for the future? Jean-Frédéric Morin, Clara Brandi and Axel Berger
10. The trend to more and stricter non-trade issues in preferential trade agreements Lisa Lechner

Part III. Development Angles:

11. The trade-migration nexus from a multilevel perspective Flavia Jurje and Sandra Lavenex
12. Trips implementation in developing countries: likely scenarios to 2025 Omar Serrano and Mira Burri
13. Investment promotion and facilitation for LDCs Rodrigo Polanco Lazo and Azernoosh Bazrafkan

Part IV. Diffusion across Economic Treaties:

14. Heading for divorce? Investment protection rules in free trade agreements Wolfgang Alschner
15. The regime complex for investment governance: overlapping provisions in PTAs and BITs Soo Yeon Kim and Clara Lee
16. Asian Trade agreements in services: filling form with content Mark Manger.
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