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Intellectual Property Law and Human Rights
Författare:Torremans Paul
Titel:Intellectual Property Law and Human Rights
Upplaga:4 uppl.
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Serie:Information Law Series nr. 34
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This is the new expanded edition that provides a complete overview of all the points of interaction between intellectual property and human rights. Once regarded as a niche topic, the nexus of intellectual property and human rights now lies in the eye of the storm that is today’s global economy. In this pre-eminent work in the crucial area of legal theory and practice – with nine completely new chapters – well-known authorities in both intellectual property law and human rights law present an in-depth analysis and discussion of essential and emerging issues in the convergence of intellectual property law and human rights law. The fourth edition is fully updated to address current matters as diverse as artificial intelligence, climate change, and biotechnological materials, all centred on the relations between intellectual property and freedom of expression and the fundamental right to privacy in an intellectual property environment.

In this book the contributors address such topics as the following and more in a confident manner:

- the status of copyright as a fundamental right;
- fair use, transformative use, and the US First Amendment;
- intellectual property in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights;
- freedom to receive and impart information under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights;
- how to mitigate the risks that Article 17 of Directive 2019/970 poses to freedom of expression;
- fair dealing defences;
- algorithmic copyright enforcement and free speech;
- developing a right to privacy for corporations;
- expanding the role of morality and public policy in European patent law; and
ethical and religious concerns over patenting biotechnological inventions.

How this will help you:

Keeping pace with the developments and trends in the series of legal issue, this book will prove to be a classic work in this topic. As human rights issues continue to arise in an intellectual property context, practitioners, academics, and policymakers in both fields will continue to recognize and use this well-established cornerstone work in the debate as a springboard to the future development of the ever more prominent interface of intellectual property and human rights.




Part I
The Relationship Between Intellectual Property and Human Rights

Chapter 1
How Intellectual Property and Human Rights Can Live Together: An Updated Perspective
Daniel Gervais

Chapter 2
The New Innovation Frontier Revisited: Intellectual Property and the European Court of Human Rights
Laurence R. Helfer

Chapter 3
Challenges to the Development of a Human Rights Framework for Intellectual Property
Peter K. Yu

Chapter 4
Reconceptualizing the Constitutional Dimension of Intellectual Property: An Update
Christophe Geiger

Chapter 5
Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights: Coinciding and Cooperating
Gemma Minero

Chapter 6
Proportionality and Balancing Within the Objectives for Intellectual Property Protection
Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan

Chapter 7
Copyright (and Other Intellectual Property Rights) as a Human Right
Paul L.C.Torremans

Part II
Copyright and Human Rights

Chapter 8
Copyright and Freedom of Expression in Canada
Myra J. Tawfik

Chapter 9
Communication to the Public of Works and Freedom to Receive and Impart Information in the Charter of Fundamental Rights
Katarzyna Klafkowska-Was´niowska

Chapter 10
Guiding the Blind Bloodhounds: How to Mitigate the Risks Article 17 of Directive 2019/970 Poses to the Freedom of Expression
Krzysztof Garstka

Chapter 11
The Conflict Between the Human Right to Education and Copyright
Sharon E. Foster

Chapter 12
Copyright and the Two Cultures of Online Communication
Alexander Peukert

Chapter 13
Fair Use, Transformative Use and the First Amendment
Marshall Leaffer

Chapter 14
After the Server Test: Embedded Content and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Andrew T. Foglia

Chapter 15
Finding the Balance in Copyright Law: Internal and External Control Through Fundamental Rights
Bernd Justin Jütte

Chapter 16
Fair Dealing Defences
Patrick Masiyakurima

Chapter 17
Fundamental Rights for Author’s and Contractual Relations: A Comparative Perspective
David Felipe Alvarez Amezquita

Chapter 18
What Is Left of User Rights: Algorithmic Copyright Enforcement and Free Speech in the Light of the Article 17 Regime
Sebastian Schwemer & Jens Schovsbo

Part III
Trade Marks and Human Rights

Chapter 19
Trademarks and Human Rights
Marco Ricolfi

Chapter 20
Folklore, Human Rights and Intellectual Property
Andrea Radonjanin

Chapter 21
Is Taking Advantage Always Unfair? Balancing Interests in Brand Investment with Basic Rights and Free Competition Rules in the EU
Nigar Kirimova

Chapter 22
Algorithmic Enforcement Online
Giancarlo Frosio

Part IV
Rights in Information

Chapter 23
Privacy, Confidentiality and Property
Peter Jaffey

Chapter 24
Developing a Right of Privacy for Corporations
Jacqueline N. Nwozo

Chapter 25
Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Climate Change
Abbe E.L. Brown

Chapter 26
Geographical Indications and Human Rights
Dev Gangjee

Part V
Patents and Human Rights

Chapter 27
Expanding the Role of Morality and Public Policy in European Patent Law
Karen Walsh & Naomi Hawkins

Chapter 28
Personalized Medicine, Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights
Sven J.R. Bostyn

Chapter 29
Human DNA and Stem Cell Research: Ethical and Religious Concerns over Patenting Biotechnological Inventions in Malaysia
Ida Madieha bt Abdul Ghani Azmi & Majdah Zawawi

Chapter 30
Gene Patents and Human Rights
Geertrui van Overwalle

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