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Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights
Författare:Wilkof Neil , Calboli Irene , red.
Titel:Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights
Upplaga:2 uppl.
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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While intellectual property rights are mostly studied in isolation, in practice the legal categories created to protect these rights provide only partial legal coverage of the broader context in which such rights are created, used, and enforced. Consequently, often multiple IP rights overlap with respect to the same underlying subject matter.

This book enables readers to consider how these overlapping rights work together, facilitating a deeper understanding of how and when they may be encountered in practice. Each chapter addresses a discrete pair of IP rights and uses a hypothetical scenario to analyse particular conceptual and practical issues, giving practitioners a comprehensive understanding of the overlap.

While the focus of these IP rights is on UK, US and European law, the book also contains comparison tables of overlapping IP rights in other countries around the world. These tables complement the chapters, offering a detailed overview as to how these overlaps apply in different legal jurisdictions, as well as how they differ.

- Offers a comprehensive analysis of overlapping intellectual property rights under UK, EU, and US law

- Uses practical scenarios to illustrate the nature of the overlapping rights, while highlighting conceptual and practical issues

- Includes a valuable comparison table summarising the legal positions in 17 countries around the world
- Written by an international team of specialist practitioners and academics

New to this edition:

- New chapters considering the overlap between privacy and copyright law, privacy and secrecy, trademarks, and certification marks and collective marks.

- Chapters on the overlap between patents and copyright, right of publicity and trademarks, and trademarks and passing off have been fully revised to reflect new authorship.

- National comparison tables have been revised to take into account legal developments and changes in the respective national jurisdictions, and to address the four new pairs of overlapping rights that have been added to the second edition.

Table of Contents

1:1. Navigating the Interface Between Utility Patents and Copyrights

2:The Overlap Between Patent and Design Protection

3:Patents and Trade Secrets

4:Interfaces in Plant Intellectual Property

5:Patents and Utility Models

6:Patents and Regulatory Data Exclusivity for Medicinal Products

7:When Copyright and Trademark Rights Overlap

8:The Design/Copyright Overlap: Is There a Resolution?

9:Overlaps Between Copyright, Rights of Publicity, and Personality Rights

10:Overlapping Forms of Protection for Databases

11:Moral Rights and Economic Rights: Overlapping Protection of Authors under Copyright Law

12:Protection of Marks under Trademark Law and Passing Off

13:Overlapping Rights in Designs, Trademarks, and Trade Dress

14:Overlaps Between Trademarks and Geographical Indications

15:Domain Names and Trademarks

16:Trademarks, Common Law, and the Rights of Publicity

17:The Relationship Between Trademark Rights and Unfair Competition Law

18:(Irene Calboli's chapter)

19:The Relationship Between Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Laws

20:The Overlap Between Trade Secrets and Privacy

21:The Overlap of Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge

National Comparison Tables
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