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Oil & Gas Contracts
– Principles and Practice
Författare:Roberts Peter , red.
Titel:Oil & Gas Contracts – Principles and Practice
Upplaga:3 uppl.
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Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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A handbook covering the law of upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum contracts.

- Covers standard industry documents providing the legal framework for upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum contracts, with accompanying commentary on their application to energy transactions and related matters

- Looks at issues relating to mineral laws, including licences, and host government and inter-governmental agreements

- Examines preliminary participation contracts, including agreements and concessions relating to confidentiality, area of mutual interest, joint study, joint bidding and joint wells; data trade and sharing contracts; and enforceability of reasonable endeavour and best endeavour covenants

- Assesses model form joint operating agreements, including contents, accounting procedure, and trust deeds

- Examines drilling, procurement and services contracts

- Discusses the principles of unitisation and unitisation agreements, and considers pooling and other joint development options, pre-unit agreements, UUOA and JOA relationships, principles of petroleum lifting and commingling, balancing agreements, title interests, allocation and attribution/substitution agreements

- Advises on petroleum management contracts including those for provision of petroleum processing and operational services; third party access to infrastructure, project structures for gas liquefaction and LNG regasification, contracts for terminal access and provision of services

- Deals with oil, gas and LNG sales contracts dealing in detail with their respective terms

- Goes through shipping contracts, including ship leasing, time and voyage charter-party terms, contracts of affreightment and bills of lading

- Addresses pipeline transportation contracts, looking at the transporter and shipper perspectives, pipeline system rules, sales and transportation contract interfaces, cross-border pipeline investment protection, agreements for pipeline crossing, proximity and tie-in, and pipeline capacity management agreements

- Extends coverage to interest sale and purchase contracts, including asset exchange contracts, farm out and earn out agreements, addressing pre-emption, due diligence, representations and warranties

- Features decommissioning and security contracts

- Includes contractual clauses for the construction of petroleum infrastructure

- Examines corporate and project finance agreements, taking into account contingent consideration, royalty deeds, volumetric production payments, reserves based lending agreements, debt prioritisation and security interests

- Examines options for the negotiated, arbitration and judicial resolution of disputes involving oil and gas contracts and projects, including governing law and jurisdiction provisions

- Covers dispute resolution

- Edited by leading oil and gas lawyer Peter Roberts and written by a team of expert contributors from the O&G sector

New to the 3rd edition include dedicated chapters on Petroleum Royalty Agreements and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Provisions.


General Connections

Part 1 – Project Establishment

The chemistry, geology, economics and monetization of oil and gas

Upstream concessions and contracts

Joint study and bid agreements

Joint operating agreements

Unitisation and redetermination

Drilling and service contracts

Part 2 – Project Definition

Petroleum processing and third party access

Gas storage

Petroleum pipeline projects

Crude oil sales and trading contracts

Natural gas sales and trading contracts

LNG sales and trading contracts


Part 3 – Project Management

Acquisitions and divestments in the upstream sector

Construction contracts


Petroleum royalty agreements


Dispute resolution clauses

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Provisions
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