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The Making of Modern Intellectual Property Law
Författare:Sherman Brad , Bently Lionel
Titel:The Making of Modern Intellectual Property Law
Omfång:262 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press
Serie:Cambridge Studies in Intellectual Property Rights

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Part I. Towards a Property in Intangibles:
1. Property in mental labour;
2. The mentality of intangible property;
Part II. The Emergence of a Modern Intellectual Property Law:
4. Managing the legal boundaries;
Part III. Towards an Intellectual Property Law:
5. Crystallization of the categories;
6. Completing the framework;
7. Explanations for the shape of intellectual property law;
Part IV. Transformations in the Intellectual Property Law:
8. Changes in the framework;
9. From creation to object;
10. Closure and its consequences;
11. Remembering and forgetting;
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