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The EU and Human Rights
Författare:Alston Philip , Bustelo Mara , Heenan James
Titel:The EU and Human Rights
Omfång:946 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:EU-rätt , Internationell rätt

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A. Introduction
1. Towards an Authentic and Coherent Human Rights Policy for the EU
B. Some Philosophical Dimensions of Human Rights Policies within Europe
2. Is There a European Approach to Human Rights
3. The Effect of Rights on Political Culture
4. The Legacies of Injustice and Fear: A European Approach to Human Rights and their Effects on Political Culture
C. The Human Rights Context within which the European Union Functions
5. The Competences of the EU in Human Rights
6. Human Rights in the Context of the Third Pillar
7. Access to Justice as a Human Right: The European Convention and the EU
8. Gender Equality in the EU: A Balance Sheet
9. The Human Rights of People with Disabilities under EU Law
10. The Internal and External 'Other' in the Union Legal order: Racism, religious Intolerance and Xenophobia in Europe
11. Non-Communitarians: Refugees and asylum Policies
12. The Unity and Universality of Human Rights in Light of the Disjointed Nature of EU Law
D. Social Rights: European Union Perspectives
13. We Still have not Found what We Have Been Looking For: The Balance Between Economic Freedom and Social Rights in the EU
14. From Strasbourg to Amsterdam: Prospects for the Convergence of European Social Rights Policy
E. Additional Challenges for the Future
15. Human Rights and European Identity: The Debate about European Citizenship
16. The Future of Environmental Rights in the EU
F. Human Rights in External Relations
17. Holding Multinational Corporations accountable for Human Rights Abuses: A Challenge for the European Community
18. Human Rights Considerations in the Development co-operation Activities of the EC
19. Where is the EU's Human Rights Common Foreign Policy, and How is it Manifested in Multilateral Fora?
G. Human Rights 'Conditionality', Both Internal and External
20. Human Rights 'Conditionality' in Relation to Entry to, and Full Participation in the EU
21. Trade Preferences and Human Rights
22. Human Rights Clauses in External Agreements of the European Communities
H. The Role of Key Institutions and Actors
23. Human Rights Case-Law in the Strasbourg and Luxembourg Courts: Conflicts, Inconsistencies and Complementarities
24. New Instruments and Institutions for Enhancing the Protection of Human Rights in Europe?
25. The Role of the European Parliament in the Promotion of Human Rights: Past and Future
26. Reflections on the Role of the Parliament
27. The Role of the Council in Human Rights Matters
28. The Past and Future Role of the European Court of Justice in the Protection of Human Rights
29. Human Rights and Civil Society
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