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The Law of State Aid in the European Union
Författare:Biondi Andrea , Eeckhout Piet , Flynn James
Titel:The Law of State Aid in the European Union
Omfång:389 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
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PART I: General Issues
1 R. Plender: Definition of Aid
2 C. Ahlborn: The Economics of State Aids
3 M. Keppenne: State Aids and the Financing of Services of General Interest
4 Dr. A. Biondi and Prof. P. Eeckhout: State Aids and Barriers to Trade
5 M. Rehbinder: The European Commission Policy
6 Prof. A. Fornalczyk: State Aids and Enlargement
7 M. Sanchez Rydelski: The EEA State aid regime: 'Small brother is watching you'
8 L. Rubini: The Legal Regime of Subsidies in WTO Law
9 M. Slotboom: The 'cost-to-government' doctrine in the WTO
10 C. Quigley: State Aid and Taxation

PART II: Selected Areas of State Aid Law
11 Dr K. Adamantopolous: State Aids and Public Undertakings
12 M. Friend: State Aid and Financial Institutions
13 Judge C. Malinconico: State Aid in the Energy Sector
14 Professor T. Joris: State Aid and Public Broadcasting

PART III: Remedies and Enforcement
15 L. Flynn: The Role of the European Courts
16 Sir Jeremy Lever KCMG QC: Some Procedural Conundrums in State Aids Law
17 Prof M. Ross: Decentralized Enforcement of State Aid Law: General Observations
18 J. Flynn: The Role of National Courts
19 K. Bacon: Substantive Issues of State Aid in a National Context
20 Hon. Sir S. Silber: A View from the Bench
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