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The Law of International Watercourses
– Non-Navigational Uses
Författare:McCaffrey Stephen C.
Titel:The Law of International Watercourses – Non-Navigational Uses
Omfång:514 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:Miljörätt , Internationell rätt

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I. Introduction
1 Human Use of Water and the Coming Era of Water Scarcity
2 The Concept of the International Watercourse System
II. Theoretical Bases of the Law of International Watercourses
3 Theoretical Bases of International Watercourse Law: Introductory Considerations
4 International Watercourses as Exclusively National Resources: The `Harmon Doctrine' in United States Practice
5 The Theoretical Basis of International Watercourse Law: An Examination of the Four Principal Theories
III. The Major Cases and Controversies: A Survey of State Practice
6 The Major Cases
7 Selected Case Studies
IV. Fundamental Rights and Obligations
8 Introduction: The 1997 United Nations Convention
A. Substantive Obligations
9 The Obligation to Utilize an International Watercourse in an Equitable and Reasonable Manner
10 The Obligation to Prevent Harm to Other Riparian States
11 The Obligation to Protect International Watercourses and their Ecosystems
B. Procedural Obligations
12 Procedural Obligations
C. Groundwater
13 The Special Case of Groundwater
D. Dispute Avoidance and Settlement
14 Dispute Avoidance and Settlement: Selected Aspects
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