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Crime and Justice in Scandinavia
Författare:Bondeson Ulla Viveka
Titel:Crime and Justice in Scandinavia
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Förlag:Forlaget Thomson
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This collection of articles has been compiled with the aim of presenting as broad a description of crime in Scandinavia as possible. The criminal justice in the Nordic countries is generally regarded as very progressive and it is therefore of interest to try delineate the characteristics of the system. The articles have been selected in order to illuminate how Scandinavia in this respect differs from the rest of the world, and additionally how the Nordic countries differ from one another.

The criminal justice in Scandinavia is less punitive and has not become considerably more severe in recent years, at the same time that we witness a rapidly growing punitiveness in most other countries. It does not seem that the general crime levels are lower in the Nordic countries as compared with other European countries. Still, Scandinavians express much less fear of crime as demonstrated in many studies.

In total the book comprises as much as twenty-five articles by Scandinavian scholars. They contribute with important information and interesting reflections. Students, scholars, practitioners and policy makers will find in this volume rich data that will provide material for important debates and hopefully contribute to evidence-based criminal policy decisions.
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