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Customary International Humanitarian Law - Volume II: Practice (Part 1-2)
Författare:Henckaerts Jean-Marie , Doswald-Beck Louise
Titel:Customary International Humanitarian Law - Volume II: Practice (Part 1-2)
Anmärkning:2 delar. Se även Volym I.
Omfång:4411 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press
Ämnesord:Internationell rätt

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Contents: Editors’ note; Abbreviations; Part I. The Principle of Distinction: 1. Distinction between civilians and combatants; 2. Distinction between civilian objects and military objectives; 3. Indiscriminate attacks; 4. Proportionality in attack; 5. Precautions in attack; 6. Precautions against the effects of attacks; Part II. Specifically Protected Persons and Objects: 7. Medical and religious personnel and objects; 8. Humanitarian relief personnel and Objects; 9. Personnel and objects involved in a peacekeeping mission; 10. Journalists; 11. Protected zones; 12. Cultural property; 13. Works and installations containing dangerous forces; 14. The natural environment; Part III. Specific Methods of Warfare: 15. Denial of quarter; 16. Destruction and seizure of property; 17. Starvation and access to humanitarian relief; 18. Deception; 19. Communication with the enemy; Part IV. Use of Weapons: 20. General principles on the use of weapons; 21. Poison; 22. Nuclear Weapons; 23. Biological weapons; 24. Chemical weapons; 25. Expanding bullets; 26. Exploding bullets; 27. Weapons primarily Injuring by non-detectable fragments; 28. Booby-traps; 29. Landmines; 30. Incendiary weapons; 31. Blinding laser weapons. Part V. Treatment of Protected Persons: 32. Fundamental guarantees; 33. Combatants and prisoner-of-war status; 34. The wounded, sick and shipwrecked; 35. The dead; 36. The missing; 37. Persons deprived of their liberty; 38. Displacement and displaced persons; 39. Other persons with specific needs; Part VI. Implementation: 40. Compliance with international humanitarian law; 41. Enforcement of international humanitarian law; 42. Reparation; 43. Individual responsibility; 44. War crimes; Appendixes; Treaties; Status of ratifications; Other instruments; Military manuals; National legislation; National case-law; International case-law; Resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council; Resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly; Resolutions adopted by ECOSOC; Resolutions adopted by the UN Commission on Human Rights; Resolutions adopted by the UN Sub-commission on Human Rights; Resolutions adopted by other International Organisations; Resolutions adopted by the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent; Resolutions adopted by the Council of Delegates of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.
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