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The International Law on Foreign Investment
Författare:Sornarajah M.
Titel:The International Law on Foreign Investment
Upplaga:2 uppl.
Omfång:525 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press
Ämnesord:Internationell rätt , Förmögenhetsrätt

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Contents: Part I. Introduction: 1. The definition of foreign investment; 2. The history of the international law on foreign investment; 3. The outline of the book; Part II. The Shaping Factors: 4. The historical setting; 5. Conflicting economic theories on foreign investment; 6. Actors in the field of foreign investment; 7. Risks in foreign investment; 8. The sources of the international law on foreign investment; Part III. Controls By The Host State: 9. Regulation of entry; 10. New forms of foreign investment; 11. Constraints on control: the customary international law; 12. Conclusion; Part IV. The Liability of Multinational Corporations and Home Country Measures: 13. Obligations of multinational corporations; 14. Extraterritorial control by home states; 15. Conclusion; Part V. Bilateral Investment Treaties: 16. Introductory survey; 17. Treaties of friendship, commerce and navigation; 18. Reasons for bilateral investment treaties; 18. Feature of bilateral investment treaties; 19. New concerns in bilateral investment treaties; 20. Conclusion; Part VI. Multilateral Instruments On Foreign Investment: 21. The international norms on multinational corporations; 22. The. UNCTC draft code on multinational corporations; 23. The outstanding issues; 24. The regional agreements; 25. The multinational agreement on investment; 26. The WTO and foreign investment; 27. An investment regime under the WTO; 28. The right to regulation of foreign investment; 29. Conclusion; Part VII. Causes of Action: Breaches of Treatment Standards: 30. The customary international law standards; 31. The violation of national treatment standards; 32. International minimum standard treatment 33. Fair and equitable standard of treatment; 34. Full protection and security; 35. Conclusion; Part VIII. The Taking of Foreign Property: 36. What constitutes taking?; 37. The exercise of management control over the investment; 38. Illegal takings; 39. Conclusion; Part IV. Takings in Violation of Foreign Investment Agreements: 40. Contractual devices for foreign investment protection; 41. Contractual devices for foreign investment protection; 42. The internationalisation of state contracts; 43. Conclusion; Part X. Compensation for Nationalisation of Foreign Investment: 44. The competing norms: the views of the capital exporting states; 45. The competing norms: valuation of nationalised property; 46. Conclusion.
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