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Investor Protection in Europe
– Corporate Law Making, The MiFID and Beyond
Författare:Ferrarini Guido , Wymeersch Eddy
Titel:Investor Protection in Europe – Corporate Law Making, The MiFID and Beyond
Omfång:536 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Part 1: Institutional Structure, Regulatory Competition and Regulatory Strategies
1. The Economics and Politics of Corporate Governance in the European Union , Dennis C. Mueller
2. Political Yardstick Competition and Corporate Governance in the European Union , Pierre Salmon
3. Using Corporate Law to Compete for Investments , Ehud Kamar
4. A Legal Options Approach to EC Company Law , Gerard Hertig and Joseph A. McCahery
5. How Can Corporate Governance Codes Be Implemented? , Eddy Wymeersch

Part 2: The New European Regulation of Trading Venues
6. The MiFID: Competition in a New European Equity Market Regulatory Structure , Ryan Davies, Alfonso Dufour and Brian Scott-Quinn
7. The European Securities Industry. Further Evidence on the Roadmap to Integration , Barbara Alemanni, Giuseppe Lusignani and Marco Onado
8. The MiFID and Internalisation , Guido Ferrarini and Fabio Recine
9. Internalisation under the MiFID: Regulatory Overreaching or Landmark in Investor Protection? , Johannes Köndgen and Erik Theissen
Part 3: Further Issues in Regulatory Harmonization
10. The Eclipse of Contract Law in the Investment Firm-Client- Relationship: The Impact of the MiFID on the Law of Contract from a German Perspective , Peter O. Mülbert
11. Conflicts of Interest in Investment Services: The Price and Uncertain Impact of MiFID s Regulatory Framework , Luca Enriques
12. The Public Offering of Securities Concept in the New Prospectus Directive , Alain Pietrancosta
13. Nonfinancial Disclosure between Shareholder Value and Socially Responsible Investing , Francesco Denozza
Part 4: After the Financial Services Action Plan
14. Effective Policy Design for the Retail Investment Services Market: Challenges and Choices Post FSAP , Niamh Moloney
15. Financial Market Integration in the Post FSAP Era. In Search of Overall Conceptual Consistency in the Regulatory Framework , Michel Tison
16. Securities Clearing and Settlement:Regulatory Developments in Europe , Eddy Wymeersch
17. Structuring Securities Regulation in the European Union: Lessons from the U.S. Experience , Donald C. Langevoort
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