An Introduction to Criminological Theory
Författare:Hopkins Burke Roger
Titel:An Introduction to Criminological Theory
Upplaga:2 uppl.
Omfång:300 sid.
Förlag:Willan Publishing

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Preface to the second edition
1 Introduction: crime and modernity Part One: The rational actor model of crime and criminal behaviour
2 Classical criminology
3 Populist conservative criminology
4 Contemporary rational actor theories Part Two: The predestined actor model of crime and criminal behaviour
5 Biological positivism
6 Psychological positivism
7 Sociological positivism
8 Positivism and women Part Three: The victimised actor model of crime and criminal behaviour
9 Labelling theories
10 Conflict and radical theories
11 The gendered criminal
12 Critical criminology Part Four: Integrated theories of crime and criminal behaviour
13 Sociobiological theories
14 Environmental criminology
15 Social control theories
16 Left realism
17 Conclusion: crime and the postmodern condition
References Glossary
Subject Index
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