Schmitthoff's Export Trade
� The Law and Practice of International Trade
Författare:Murray Carole , Holloway David , Timson-Hunt Daren
Titel:Schmitthoff's Export Trade � The Law and Practice of International Trade
Anmärkning:Finns även i studentutgåva.
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Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
Ämnesord:Förmögenhetsrätt , Sjö- och transporträtt

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* Introduction

Part One: International Sale of Goods
* Special Trade Terms in Export Sales
* Formation of Contract
* Performance of the Contract
* Acceptance and Rejection of Goods
* Frustration of Contract
* Invoices and Packing
* Product Liability

Part Two: Finance of Exports
* Bills of Exchange
* Collection Arrangements
* Letters of Credit
* Bank Guarantees and Other Contract Guarantees
* Factoring, Forfeiting, Financial Leasing
* Countertrade

Part Three: Transportation of Exports
* Carriage of Goods by Sea
* Container Transport
* Carriage of Goods by Air
* Carriage of Goods by Land

Part Four: Insurance of Goods in Transit
* Marine and Aviation Insurance
* Export Credit Guarantees

Part Five: International Commercial Dispute Resolution
* English Law and Foreign Law
* Juridiction
* International Commercial Litigation - Arbitration
* Enforcement of Foreign Judgements

Part Six: Construction and Long Term Contracts
* Construction of Works and Installation Abroad

Part Seven: Customs Law
* Government Regulation of Exports

Part Eight: Marketing Organisations Abroad
* Agency Arrangements
* Branch Offices and Subsidiaries Abroad
* Competition Law of the EC and UK
* Sole Distribution Agreements, Licensing

Part Nine: Market Information
* Market Information for Exporters - Market Research

Part Ten: Standardisation, Unification, E-Commerce and EDI
* Standardisation of Terms
* Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange
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