Contract: Cases and Materials
Författare:Beale Hugh , Bishop W. D. , Furmston M. P.
Titel:Contract: Cases and Materials
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I. Introduction
1. Contracts and contract law
2. Contract, tort and restitution
3. The functions of contract law
4. Economic analysis of contract law
5. Empirical work

II. Enforceable Types of Promise
6. Consideration
7. Intention to create legal relations

III. Has An Agreement Been Reached?
8. Offer and acceptance
9. Uncertainty and incompleteness
10. Communication mistakes

IV. Obligations
11. Express terms in oral agreements
12. Contents of written contracts
13. Inaccurate information and misrepresentation
14. Gapfilling by interpretation
15. Implied terms
16. Discharge by frustration
17. Expectation mistakes
18. Discharge by construction
19. Duties of disclosure

V. Remedies
20. Some preliminary questions
21. Withholding performance and termination for default
22. Damages
23. Literal enforcement
24. Restitutionary remedies

VI. Contract Theory
25. Why are promises binding?
26. Economic analysis of contract law
27. The impact of the empirical studies
28. Critical approaches to contract
29. Developing the relational contract notion
30. Fairness and distributive justice
31. Transformation thesis

VII. Changing the Bargain
32. Rescission, variation, waiver and promissory estoppel
33. Adjustments in longer-term contracts

VIII. Policing the Bargain
34. Duress
35. Undue pressure and undue influence
36. Unconscionable bargains
37. A general principle?
38. Standard form contracts
39. Exclusion clauses
40. Unfair terms in consumer contracts
41. Regulated contracts

IX. Illegality
42. Contracts contrary to public policy
43. Contracts involving the commission of a crime or a tort
44. Contracts in restraint of trade

X. Intermediaries, Third Parties and Assignment
45. Agency
46. Privity and the benefit of a contract between others
47. Subsequent assignment of the benefit of a contract
48. Privity and burdens
49. Assignment and the burden of a contract
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