ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects
Titel:ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects
Omfång:110 sid.
Serie:ICC nr. 659

Pris: 948 SEK exkl. moms


Table of Contents:
Introduction, Foreword
Main Contract Form
Conditions of Contract:
CHAPTER 1 General and Preliminary Articles
CHAPTER 2 The Parties’ Obligations
CHAPTER 3 The Execution of the Contract
CHAPTER 4 Design – Responsibility and Management; Variations
CHAPTER 5 Commencement; the Time to Taking-Over scheduling and Progress
CHAPTER 6 Contract Price and Payment
CHAPTER 7 Completion and Taking-Over of the Works by the Employer
CHAPTER 8 Defect Correction Period
CHAPTER 9 Allocation of Risk and Responsibility and Exclusions from Liability
CHAPTER 10 Force Majeure and Termination of the Contract
CHAPTER 11 Insurance
CHAPTER 12 Miscellaneous Provisions
CHAPTER 13 Claims, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
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