International Commercial Mediation
� Dispute Resolution Guides
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Titel:International Commercial Mediation � Dispute Resolution Guides

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Mediation as a form of ADR
Chapter 2: The Development Of Mediation In The Construction Industry
Chapter 3: Differences between Construction and General Commercial Mediation
Chapter 4: The Construction Mediation Process
Chapter 5: The Initial Meeting
Chapter 6: Commencement of the Mediation
Chapter 7: Mediator Control
Chapter 8: Traditional Mediation Methods
Chapter 9: Specific Construction Industry Techniques
Chapter 10: Party exercises and forms
Chapter 11: Reaching Agreement
Chapter 12: Post Agreement Techniques
Chapter 13: General Forms and Agreements
Chapter 14: Legal Issues in Mediation
Chapter 15: Mediation Clauses
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