Oil and Gas Production Contracts
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Titel:Oil and Gas Production Contracts
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This book provides a thorough and systematic analysis of each agreement, enabling the reader to advise on any contract during the production stage. Clause-by-clause commentary from energy experts provides a revealing understanding of the function and features of each agreement.

The high degree of practical experience divulged by the editor and contributors provides the reader with a full understanding the nature, purpose and terms behind each contract, as well as the pitfalls need to watch out for.

- Provides a detailed understanding of all the common production phase contracts
- Analyses each clause systematically
- Offers a valuable insight into the nature, purpose and consequences of each contract
- Alerts you to the common pitfalls in each agreement
- Offers practical advice and guidance which can be applied to all jurisdictions worldwide
- Covers joint venture agreements in the production phase, including pre-unitisation and unitisation agreements
- Explains background licensing and production sharing routines
- Includes full coverage of contracts for services with third parties


- Background
- Government agreements
- Joint operating agreements (JOAs)

Joint venture agreements
- Pre-unitisation agreements
- Unitisation agreements
- Oil and gas lifting agreements
- Sleeping Partner agreements
- Decommissioning agreements
- Decommissioning security agreements, parent company guarantees and performance bonds

Contracts with contractors for services
- Production platform and FPSO construction agreements
- Production platform and FPSO operating agreements
- Contracts for producing servicesPlatform ancillary services agreements

Contracts with other JVs for services
- Indicative tariff and service request agreements
- Oil and gas processing agreements
- Oil transportation agreements
- Gas transportation agreementsPipeline tie-in agreements
- Pipeline crossing agreements
- Proximity agreements
- Agreements for use of producing facilities
- Power supply agreements
- Power export agreements
- Emissions trading and C02 Injection Agreements

Sales contracts
- Oil sales contracts

Gas sales contracts
- LNG and LPG sales contracts
- Production exchange agreements

- Production acreage sale and purchase and exchange agreements
- Farm-in agreements
- Asset exchange agreements
- Sale and leaseback agreements
- Sale with obligation to take back at end of production
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