Oil and Gas Exploration Contracts
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Titel:Oil and Gas Exploration Contracts
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This book offers invaluable advice on the nature, use and terms of the contracts in the exploration phase. With its pragmatic outlook and expert advice it enables the reader to advise and negotiate at any stage of the exploration phase.

- Provides clause-by-clause commentary of the commercial agreements used in worldwide gas and oil exploration
- Covers all contracts from the start to end of the exploration phase
- Analyses the potential pitfalls so you can avoid them
- Presents practical advice which can be applied to jurisdictions worldwide
- Covers joint venture agreements like joint bidding and joint study agreements
- Includes coverage on drilling contracts, rig sharing agreements and rig assignments
- Analyses agreements for the sale and purchase of exploration assets
- The only up-to-date text available on this area

Background legal framework
- Licensing and production sharing regimes

The Operator's relationships
- Joint ventures under the JOA
- Contractors under commercial agreements
- Legal considerations covering contract, general and international law, safety, employment, environmental law, dispute resolution
Importance of the commercial contract
- The negotiation process
- Alliancing
- Standardisation
- Letters of intent
- Options
- Tendering and the enquiry package

Commercial agreements between joint venture partners including:
- AMI agreements
- Bidding agreements
- Joint study agreements
- Joint drilling agreements

Joint ventures and third party contractors
Agreements for services:
- Offshore
- Onshore
- Construction
- Drilling
- Vessel
- Aircraft
- Geophysical
- Data licensing
- Consultancy and procurement services

Drilling contracts
- Rig sharing and rig assignment contracts

Sale and purchase agreements
Agreements for the acquisition and disposal of exploration assets:
- Licence
- Namely asset/share sales
- Farm-outs
- Exchange agreements
- Disclosures
- Warranties
- Pre-emption clauses

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