Break the silence on domestic violence
Titel:Break the silence on domestic violence
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Förlag:Council of Europe Publishing
Ämnesord:Kriminologi , Internationell rätt

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In present-day Europe, thousands of women have to cope every day with acts of physical, sexual or psychological violence, even in their own homes. “It starts with screams and must never end in silence”. Preventing domestic violence against women concerns us all, men and women alike, and we all have a duty to break the silence.

In an exhibition staged in connection with the Council of Europe’s campaign to “Stop domestic violence against women” (2006-2008), the photographer, Sandro Weltin, presents us with different faces and perspectives – those of parliamentarians, local and regional representatives, representatives of non-governmental organisations and field workers who play an active part in measures to combat domestic violence, but above all those of the victims themselves, who will always be the focal point of this people’s cause.
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