Europeanization of Procedural Law and the New Challenges to Fair Trial
Författare:Jokela Annti , Grans Minna , Ervo Laura
Titel:Europeanization of Procedural Law and the New Challenges to Fair Trial
Omfång:248 sid.
Förlag:Europa Law Publishing
Ämnesord:Processrätt , EU-rätt

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Despite European integration, judicial procedure has long remained autonomous, i.e. a purely national regulatory object. In recent years, however, it has been possible to notice increasing traces of the Europeanization of procedural Law on multiple levels.

The rapid internationalization development of procedural law advancing on multiple levels sets challenges to the research of procedural law as well as to the conduct of judicial procedure. The aim of this research project has been to identify and address these challenges.

The book is based on the research project, which consists of a number of independent but interrelated theses and post doc research projects. At the end of the project the essential results of these sub-projects have been composed into this book named after the project.
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