Media Law and Practice
Författare:Goldberg David , Sutter Gavin , Walden Ian
Titel:Media Law and Practice
Omfång:566 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press

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The authors cover the relevant aspects of law governing the media in its many forms, with an emphasis on the practical operation of the law in this sector. It not only discusses the theoretical basis of legal concepts such as defamation, but also analyses the application of the law in the high paced environment of daily newspapers, the changing reality of what constitutes "broadcasting", including the regulation of distribution channels, and the regualtion on material distributed via those channels, and examines the implications for defamation law of the online, borderless world.

- Comprehensive coverage of the law regualting both traditional and new media, including newsgathering and broadcasting in those formats

- First book giving in-depth analysis of how the various forms of intellectual property law interact with media law

- Written by a team of academics and practitioners, combining rigorous academic discussion with analysis of genuine practice issues

This book is a reference guide for practitioners to the major legal and regulatory issues in the field, but could also be used as media law textbook for a course of academic study. Each chapter is written by an expert in the field.
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