Competition Law in China and Hong Kong
Författare:Johnston Graeme
Titel:Competition Law in China and Hong Kong
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Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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The August 2007 enactment of China's Anti-Monopoly Law is only the latest stage in the growth over recent years of a significant body of competition law in mainland China and Hong Kong. This work will be a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the subject:

China: detailed treatment of the 2007 Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law and of the more specific provisions (Price Law, Unfair Competition, M&A Regulations etc) which preceded it.

Hong Kong: comprehensive analysis of the sector-specific competition legislation, regulatory regimes and common law principles. (The proposed new Hong Kong competition legislation will be addressed either in the 1st edition or in a later supplement, depending on the timing of its passage through LegCo).

In addition to a thorough treatment of the relevant legal rules and principles, the work will cover practical realities, administrative/procedural machinery, historical development and economic/political background.

The team of authors includes leading competition lawyers from outside China as well as leading Hong Kong and China practitioners.
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