European Private Law: A Handbook
� Volume I
Författare:Bussani Mauro , Werro Franz
Titel:European Private Law: A Handbook � Volume I
Omfång:570 sid.

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The present volume gathers unpublished essays on the various fields of private law as they evolve in a growingly integrated Europe. These texts are designed to offer a comprehensive overview of each chosen area of the law and to display as well as provoke debate, both from a substantive and a comparative point of view. By offering a concise account of the most relevant legal issues, the book presents what European private law as well as its institutions and cultures are now and could become in the future.
This volume - soon to be followed by a second one - contains contributions on property law, contract law, tort law, restitution and unjust enrichment, securities rights, family law and successions, with some written also from an Eastern European perspective. It also includes a contribution on consumer law and one on fundamental rights and private law.

Introduction – M. Bussani & F. Werro
Fundamental Rights in European Private Law – S. Besson
Property – A. Gambaro
Transfer of Property (over corporeal moveables) – R. Sacco
Obligations – G. Samuel
Western Contract Law – C. Sieburgh
Eastern Contract Law - N. Reich
Consumer Law – Th. Wilhemsson
Western Tort Law – G. Brueggemeier
Eastern Tort Law – A. Menyhard
Restitution and Unjustified Enrichment – A.-C. Hahn
Western Law of Security Rights (moveables and immovables) – F. Fiorentini
Eastern Law of Security Rights (moveables and immovables) – T. Tajti
Family Law – E. Örücü
Successions Law – A. Vaquer
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