Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 54
� Criminal Law
Titel:Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 54 � Criminal Law
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Serie:Scandinavian Studies in Law nr. 54
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This volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) addresses criminal law. The volume comprises 21 articles and is divided into five sections. In addition to the introduction the discussions concern responsibility, specific offences, sanctions, and international issues.

Criminal law is a core element of the legal system. The topic also attracts much interest from politicians and the public in general. Spectacular crimes, sentencing and the rationality of the criminal system are intensely observed and extensively discussed in the media. Undoubtedly criminal law sometimes also functions as a survival tool for politicians, as demands for more harsh treatments and harder punishments always tend to (or at least tend to be expected to) attract large groups of voters.

Criminal law is as well a theoretical field of law, in the sense that many of its issues cannot be discussed and “solved” without use of knowledge from other disciplines, such as philosophy, psychology and sociology. The “general part” of criminal law - the idea of which is prominent in the Scandinavian countries - must, when handling issues such as causality, action and intent, stay open to such influences.

Consequently, criminal law is a multifaceted and important field of study undergoing constant change. Against this background the editors of Sc.St.L. are pleased to present a collection with a large number of contributions on several aspects of criminal law currently being debated on the international scene.


General Issues
- Gender and Harm Kerstin Berglund
- Changes in the Criminal Legal Discourse on Men’s Violence against Women in Heterosexual Relationships Monica Burman
- Criminal Law: A Technical Tool or a Cultural Manifestation on Uniformity and Subsidiarity Vagn Greve
- The Ethics of Criminal Justice Kimmo Nuotio

Insanity and the “Gap” in the Law: Swedish Criminal Law Rides Again Claes Lernestedt
- On the Definition of Criminal Liability as an Accessory in Danish Law - With Particular Reference to Cases of Violence and Robbery Resulting in Homicide Annette Nørby Møller-Sørensen
- The Quagmire of Impossible Attempts – How to Distinguish between Punishable and Non-punishable Cases of Criminal Attempt Jussi Tapani
- The Allocation of Criminal Liability within an Undertaking Gorm Toftegaard Nielsen
- Rethinking “in Affect” – Disturbed States of Mind and Criminal Responsibility Magnus Ulväng

Specific Offences
- M.C. v. Bulgaria – a Swedish Perspective Petter Asp
- Trafficking in Women – an International Crime from a Danish Perspective Trine Baumbach
- Freedom or Fetters? Penal Code Protection from Sexual Abuse for Developmentally Disabled People Ragnheidur Bragadóttir
- Bribery, Bribery across Borders and the Like from a Danish Perspective Lars Bo Langsted
- Criminal Law and Competition Infringements Jussi Matikkala
- Purchase of a Sexual Service – A Lawful Private Delight or an Offence? A Study of Criminal Legislation in the Nordic Countries Per Ole Träskman

- Ideologies and Realities in Prison Law: Some Trends Vagn Greve & Annika Snare
- Imprisonment and Penal Policy in Finland Tapio Lappi-Seppälä
- The Youth Sanction – a Punishment in Disguise Anette Storgaard
- Sanctioning Powers of the Swedish Public Prosecution Service and Police Josef Zila

International Issues
- Desperately Seeking Reason – New Directions for European Environmental Criminal Law Elina Pirjatanniemi
- Mutual Recognition in Criminal Matters: The Danish Experience Jørn Vestergaard & Silvia Adamo

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