Rule of law promotion
� global perspectives, local applications
Författare:Bergling Per , Ederlöf Jenny , Taylor Veronica L.
Titel:Rule of law promotion � global perspectives, local applications
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Förlag:Umeå universitet
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Serie:Skrifter från Juridiska institutionen vid Umeå universitet nr. 21
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Table of Contents:
- Introduction Per Bergling, Jenny Ederlöf and Veronica L. Taylor 7
- Is the Rule of Law Portable? A Socio-Legal Journey from
the Nordic Mediterranean Sea via the Silk Road to China
Klaus A. Ziegert 19
- Let the Rule of Law be Flexible to Attain Good Governance
Hiroshi Matsuo 41
- Measuring the Rule of Law
Erik O. Wennerström 57
- Legitimacy and Legitimisation – The United Nations
Response to Non-Authorised Military Interventions
Ramses Amer 77
- The United Nations Security Council and the Enduring
Challenge of the Use of Force in Inter-state Relations
Patrik Johansson and Ramses Amer 91
- The United Nations and Peacekeeping: Lessons Learned
from Cambodia and East Timor
Susanne Alldén and Ramses Amer 111
- Socio-Cultural Viability of International Peace-building:
An Inquiry Based on Cultural Theory
Dzenan Sahovic 129
- Transitional Justice in Cambodia:
A New Challenge to the Development of Rule of Law?
Kuong Teilee 151
- The Role of Law in the Reconstruction Process of the
Aceh Tsunami Disaster
Yuzuru Shimada 175
- In Search of a User Manual: Promoting the Rule of Law
in Unruly Lands
Rickard Zajac Sannerholm 189
- Rule of Law, or the Dilemma of an Ethos: Gardening
Versus Mechanisation
Csaba Varga 213
- Vulnerable Groups and Access to Justice: A Human Rights
Imperative For International Engagement
Karin Åström 231
- Stalled Civil Justice Reform in China
Fu Hualing and Richard Cullen 243
- Evolution in the Concept of Development: How has
the World Bank’s Legal Assistance Extended its Reach?
Miwa Yamada 253
- Enriching the World Bank’s Vision of National Legal Systems
and Foreign Direct Investment
Amanda Perry-Kessaris 271
- Vietnamese Legal Reform: The Discourses of Aid?
Pip Nicholson with Simon Pitt 287
- Promoting Market Economy and Human Rights by
means of Development Assistance in the Field of Law
Michael Bogdan 317
- The Rule of Law Bazaar
Veronica L. Taylor 325
- Odious Debt or Odious Payments? Using Anti-corruption
Measures to Prevent Odious Debt
Anita Ramasastry 359
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