A Practitioners Guide to Alternative Investment Funds
Författare:Spangler Timothy , Scholer Kaye
Titel:A Practitioners Guide to Alternative Investment Funds
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Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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A Practitioner's Guide to Alternative Investment Funds offers, in an "asset class neutral" way, an examination of the fundamental structuring and operational issues that arise. The book addresses the range of structuring and investment issues that are associated with these funds in a jargon-free manner, and is illustrated ith examples to enhance the practicality of the work.

This new edition has been extensively revised in the light of recent developments including the Madoff affair and otherscandals, the impact of the credit crisis, and the evolvingrole of the regulators. A new chapter also examinescurrent trends in the alternative investment funds industryand looks at how these are likely to affect the structure and marketing of funds in the future.

A Practitioner 's Guide to Alternative Investment Funds:

Gives comprehensive coverage of the law and regulation of alternative investment funds, including hedge funds, private equity funds and other unregulated collectiveinvestment schemes

Includes in-depth coverage of stress testing and liquidity of alternative fund structures

Covers litigation risk, enforcement and rights and duties of management

Contains numerous case studies and practical examplesto illustrate and explain the issues
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