ICC Model International Transfer of Technology Contract
Titel:ICC Model International Transfer of Technology Contract
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As technology and intellectual property rights become increasingly important in today's international business community, more and more companies across the globe are concluding transactions to transfer technology among business entities. Recognizing the need to provide the marketplace with assistance on this highly technical subject, the International Chamber of Commerce has produced the ICC Model International Transfer of Technology Contract.

While the term “transfer of technology” may cover a variety of situations, ranging from patent and/or know-how licenses to more complex dealings involving the supply of technical assistance or equipment, this model covers the situation where a manufacturer licenses a package of information and industrial property rights to a licensee company so that the licensee can also manufacture the products, using the licensor's technology.

Model International Transfer of Technology Contract is designed for use by non-specialists in the area who are seeking reliable guidance and an adaptable, balanced contractual framework. Produced by a group of subject-matter experts of the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice, the model distills the relevant principles across industries and geographies into an accessible tool for business people and their advisors

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