Concise European IT Law
Författare:Büllesbach Alfred , Gijrath Serge , Poullet Yves , Prins Corien
Titel:Concise European IT Law
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The relationship between law and information technology continues to be a highly dynamic one. In the past decade, the European Union has developed an extensive legal framework for new technological developments, with legislation being adopted in the areas of personal data protection, public sector information, conditional access and regulatory transparency. Legislative measures have in addition been dedicated to electronic commerce, distance selling, electronic signatures and electronic financial services. Furthermore, European private international and competition regulations also have an effect on the IT sector. Concise European IT Law, 2nd edition aims to offer the reader a rapid understanding of all the provisions of IT law and regulations related to IT law in force in Europe enacted by European and other international institutions. Key features include:

• New article-by-article commentary on Rome I and II, Art. 101, 102 and 106 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and the Data Retention Directive

• Updated article-by-article commentary on the regulations on Data Protection, e-Commerce, Public Sector Information and other Directives relevant to IT-developments

• Short and straightforward explanation of the principles of law to be drawn from each article, rule or other provision

• Expert commentary by prominent academics and/or practitioners

Concise European IT Law is part of 'Concise IP', a series of five volumes of commentary on European intellectual property legislation edited by Thomas Dreier, Charles Gielen and Richard Hacon. The formula of this series is based on the successful German and Dutch formula 'KurzKommentar' and 'Tekst en Commentaar'. The five volumes cover: Patents and related matters, Trademarks and designs, Copyright and neighbouring rights, IT and a general volume including jurisdictional issues.

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