The Interpretation of Contracts
Författare:Lewison Kim
Titel:The Interpretation of Contracts
Upplaga:5 uppl.
Omfång:862 sid.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell

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The Interpretation of Contracts offers expert guidance in preparing, advising on and disputing agreements. This new edition gives you practical help when you are faced with questions of disputed interpretation. It enables you to construct solid arguments based on the principles laid down by case law.

Starting with key principles including the maxims of interpretation such as the ejusdem generis rule, it goes through the different components of a basic proposition followed by in-depth analysis and illustrated by the most relevant judicial decisions.

This title also helps you identify the materials available to interpret a contract such as previous agreements, published precedents, pre-contract negotiations and post contractual conduct. It covers the issue of addressing the role of a previous case law in interpreting a contract and the ‘golden rules’ for establishing the meaning of a word, including scientific and technical terms. You will have the best resource to avoid future disputes over meaning.

Examines the rules of contract interpretation to assist you in preparing, advising on and disputing agreements

Provides real value in advising on the likely outcome of a contractual dispute so you pursue the strands most likely to succeed

Uses a practical research style covering each area that might be disputed between parties to a contract
Provides information in a clear structure with a general proposition followed by detailed
explanation and then quotations from judgements
Helps you navigate the key statute and case developments in contract law

Includes two new chapters covering Force Majeure Clauses and Dispute Resolution Clauses
Offers expert guidance to the choice of jurisdictions clauses and choice of law clauses
Discusses the issue of implied terms which have been rewritten in the light of the decision in AG of Belize v Belize Telecom

Covers the recent issue of blank spaces in contracts, the role of published precedents and the maxim noscitur a sociis

Provides extended discussion of the ways in which terms may be incorporated into contracts
Covers the developments in pre-contractual negotiations rewritten in light of Chartbrook v Persimmon
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