Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice
� Exploring the Relationship
Författare:Gröning Linda , Jacobsen Jørn RT , red.
Titel:Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice � Exploring the Relationship
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The traditional criminal justice system aims at both effective crime prevention and effective prevention of the abuse of public penal power. Restorative justice, as understood in the contemporary debate, signifies a process in which offenders, victims, their representatives and representatives of the community come together to agree on a response to a crime. Through the multitude of different restorative justice processes such as victimoffender

mediation, sentencing circles or restorative cautioning schemes perspectives of restorative justice often underline equal emphasis on victims, offenders and community, emphasis on relationships and a forward-looking approach.

The authors are mainly researchers of law and philosophy at the University in Bergen, Norway and are:

Elizabeth Baumann, Ingun Fornes, Linda Gröning, Eirik Hovden,

Jørn Jacobsen, Katja Jansen Fredriksen, Hendrik Kaptein

and David C. Vogt
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