Software Linkin as Alteration
� Framework for Assessment under European Copyright Law
Författare:Honkasalo Pessi
Titel:Software Linkin as Alteration � Framework for Assessment under European Copyright Law
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Förlag:IPR University Center Helsingfors
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Computer programs are protected by copyright as literary works. Although software is constructed in the medium of text and it finds expression in source and object code, functionally speaking programs are machines, that is, entities which bring about useful results. To users software manifests itself mainly as the behaviour which the code engenders when executed on a computer, smart phone or another terminal.

Ambiguity as regards the subject matter of the protection has an inevitable influence on the scope of exclusive rights. This book discusses in depth the copyright protection of computer programs and the limits of the protection under the law of the European Union taking account of the international framework of and recent case law on the harmonised set of norms. The specific research question addresses the issue of software linking and its preconditions in terms of copyright law, which are then reflected upon and contrasted with protection granted under other intellectual property and related rights.

Dr Pessi Honkasalo is an associate with Krogerus Attorneys, Finland. He has carried out research at the Institute of Intellectual Property, Japan and the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Germany and has published several articles on technology law.

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