EU Antitrust Procedure
Författare:Kerse Christopher , Khan Nicholas
Titel:EU Antitrust Procedure
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Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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This book provides a thorough yet concise explanation of how the European Commission investigates infringements of EU competition law. Since the first edition published in 1981, it has become established as the recognised reference work in this field.

It deals with topics such as the Commission's investigative powers, procedural rights of the parties concerned, the method for setting fines and judicial review against Commission decisions, as well as the relationship between the enforcement of EU competition law by the Commission and by national courts and competition authorities.

The previous edition explained the fundamental changes made to the EU competition law regime by Regulation 1/2003 and this new edition analyses how these rules have been applied in practice and the further developments that have emerged, including the implications of over 200 judgments in the field from the European Court of Justice and the General Court since the previous edition.

- Adopts a practitioner-focused approach, providing clear guidance on the procedures to follow in order to stay on the right side of the regulations
- Considers the latest developments in Commission practice, such as the Settlement Notice, the acceptance of commitments, the Best Practices guidance and the role of the Hearing Officer
- Explains how the enforcement procedures of the Commission and those of national competition authorities are now interacting
- Shows how the Commission's 2006 Guidelines on Fines and Leniency Notice are being applied in practice
- Examines court judgments at both EU and national levels


- About 80% of the text is either entirely new or has been substantially revised
- Extensive analysis of the implications for the Commission’s competition procedures of fundamental rights under the ECHR and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, taking account of the ECtHR’s latest judgments, such as Jussila and Canal Plus
- Updated guidance on legal professional privilege after Akzo Nobel
- Explanation of the latest developments in the Commission’s practice in accepting commitments and settlements in cartel cases
- Extensive commentary on how the Commission's 2006 Guidelines on Fines and Leniency Notice are being applied in practice, including analysis of the first judgments from the General Court on the 2006 Guidelines in International Removals
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