Asylum and the European Convention on Human Rights
Författare:Mole Nuala , Meredith Cathrine
Titel:Asylum and the European Convention on Human Rights
Omfång:283 sid.
Förlag:Council of Europe Publishing
Ämnesord:Straffrätt , Internationell rätt

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Political upheavals, economic reforms, social instability and civil war have all been factors contributing to changes in the mixed flows of migrants both to and within Europe. Many of those in need of international protection are forced to seek it in Europe and the new member states of the enlarged Council of Europe are now also experiencing the arrival of asylum seekers.

This revised edition considers the substantial body of case law of the European Court of Human Rights which has examined the compatibility of the Convention with measures taken by states in relation to all aspects of the asylum process. It also observes the role of subsidiary protection offered by the Strasbourg organs in protecting those at risk of prohibited treatment. In addition, the study considers the increasingly relevant provisions of EU law developments in the field, as well as measures taken in the context of terrorist threats – both of which have had a significant impact on the practical circumstances and law on refugees and asylum seekers.

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