Free and Open Source Software
� Policy, Law and Practice
Författare:Shemtov Noam , Walden Ian
Titel:Free and Open Source Software � Policy, Law and Practice
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Written by FOSS experts, this work delivers an in-depth examination of the legal and commercial structures relating to the usage and exploitation of FOSS software. FOSS has become an increasingly important component of the ICT industry, embodied in the products that we use and the systems we depend on. Major industry players such as IBM have embraced FOSS and it impacts on all its users.

This work will enable readers to understand the legal environment within which FOSS operates. The first part examines FOSS in relation to the key IP regimes. The commercial implications of FOSS are then examined from different components of the supply chain. The final part examines the implications of FOSS for policy makers.

1: Ian Walden: Open Source as Philosophy, Methodology and Commerce: Using Law with Attitude
2: Ross Gardler: Open Source and Governance
Part 1: Intellectual Property Regimes
3: Luke McDonagh: Copyright, contract and FOSS
4: Noam Shemtov: Trade Marks and FOSS
5: Malcolm Bain: Patents and FOSS
6: Peter Langley: Patent Litigation and Patent Wars
Part 2: Business Models and Usage
7: Amanda Brock: Commercial Agreements
8: Neil Brown: Business Implications of FOSS
9: Jakub Mencl and Kuan Hon: FOSS in a Cloud Environment
Part 3: Public Policy Issues
10: Alan Cunningham: Open Source, Standardisation and Innovation
11: Iain Mitchell QC: Public Sector and Open Source
12: Andrew Katz: Open Everything
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