Handbook On European Competition Law
� Substantive Aspects
Författare:Lianos Ioannis , Geradin Damien
Titel:Handbook On European Competition Law � Substantive Aspects
Omfång:704 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar
Ämnesord:Marknadsrätt , EU-rätt

Pris: 1984 SEK exkl. moms


Handbook on European Competition Law: Substantive Aspects sets the context for examination of substantive law by reviewing and analyzing the goals of competition law. It then covers the substantive building blocks of EU competition law, including horizontal and vertical agreements, cartels, mergers, and also provides valuable coverage of the interaction between competition and regulation, hub and spoke collusion, and information exchange agreements. The importance of the abuse of dominance doctrine is reflected in three discrete chapters considering exploitative abuses, exclusionary pricing abuses, and exclusionary non-pricing abuses.

Contributors include: S. Anderman, A. Coscelli, G. Faella, M. Gal, A. Jones, I. Kokkoris, I. Lianos, L. Lovdahl Gormsen, D. Mantzari, L. Morais, R. Nazzini, O. Odudu, N. Petit, A. Stephan, J. Tapia, F. Wagner von Papp

1. The Goals of EU Competition Law
Ioannis Lianos

2. Horizontal Cooperation Agreements
Luis Morais

3. Information Exchange Agreements
Florian Wagner von Papp

4. Vertical Agreeements
Gianluca Faella

5. Cartels
Andreas Stephan

6. Hub and Spoke Collusion
Okeoghene Odudu

7. The ‘Oligopoly Problem’ in EU Competition Law
Nicolas Petit

8. Dominance and Market Power in EU Competition Law Enforcement
Andrea Coscelli

9. Abuse of Dominance – Exploitative Abuses
Michal Gal

10. Abuse of Dominance: Exclusionary Pricing Abuses
Alison Jones and Lisa Lovdahl Gormsen

11. Abuse of Dominance: Exclusionary Non-pricing Abuses
Renato Nazzini

12. Merger Control: Substantive Issues
Ioannis Kokkoris

13. Innovation, IPRs and EU Competition Law
Steve Anderman

14. The Regulation/Competition Interaction
Javier Tapia and Deni Mantzari

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