Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration
Författare:Ashford Peter
Titel:Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration
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This handbook will assist the practitioner, whether lawyer, counsel or arbitrator, in some of the practical minefields of international commercial arbitration.

It considers the typical course of an international commercial arbitral proceeding, from deciding what claims may be arbitrated to calculating damages and the contents of an award, giving guidance and sample documents for each step. It also provides an extensive discussion of discovery and the presentation of evidence during hearings.

This will work in aid the efficiency of the arbitral process, especially by reducing time and cost. For counsel and arbitrators alike, it provides a convenient reference work for the problems that inevitably arise in the procedural and substantive steps in arbitration.

Analyzing the relevant law and rules from a range of jurisdictions and international arbitral institutions, the Handbook is a truly invaluable companion for everyone involved in international commercial arbitration.
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