Domain Name Law and Practice
� An International Handbook
Författare:Bettinger Torsten , Waddell Allegra
Titel:Domain Name Law and Practice � An International Handbook
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An established authority in the field, this work provides comprehensive analysis of the law and practice relating to internet domain names at an international level, combined with a detailed survey of the 35 most important domain name jurisdictions worldwide, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, China, Singapore, Russia, Canada, and Australia, and new chapters on Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Portugal, and South Africa. The survey includes extensive country-by-country analysis of how domain names relate to existing trade mark law, and upon the developing case law in the field, as well as the alternative dispute resolution procedures.

In its second edition, this work analyses, in depth, key developments in the field including ICANN's new gTLD program. The program, introducing many new top-level domains, will have far-reaching consequences for brand name industries worldwide and for usage of the internet. The complicated application process is considered in detail as well as filing and review procedures, the delegation process, the role and function of the Trademark Clearing House and the Sunrise and Trademark Claims Services, dispute resolution, and new rights protection mechanisms.

Other developments covered include new registration processes such as the use of privacy and proxy services, as well as the expansion of the scope of internationalized domain names, including the addition of a number of generic top-level domains such as ".tel" and ".travel". Also considered are developments relating to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) in terms of the nature of cases seen under the Policy and the number of cases filed, as well as the recent paperless e-UDRP initiative. The Uniform Rapid Suspension System, working alongside the UDRP in the new gTLD space, is also discussed in a new chapter on this process.

Giving detailed information about the registration of domain names at national, regional and international levels, analysis of the dispute resolution processes at each of those levels, and strategic guidance on how to manage domain names as part of an overall brand strategy, this leading work in international domain name law is essential reading for practitioners in the field.


Torsten Bettinger: Preface

Part I - The Domain Name System
A: Torsten Bettinger: The Structure and Organization of the Domain Name System
B: Torsten Bettinger and Volker Griemann: Organizational structure and functions of the Internet Coporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
C: Torsten Bettinger: Original gTLDs: Registration Procedures and Dispute Resolution
D: Torsten Bettinger, Mike Rodenbaugh, Jannik Skou, and Volker Greimann: New gTLDs
E: Torsten Bettinger: Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)
F: Torsten Bettinger: The European Top Level Domain ".eu"
G: Jannik Skou: Domain Name Industry
H: Torsten Bettinger: Statistics
Part II - National Law
Alistair Payne and David Fixler: Australia
Peter Burgstaller: Austria
Alain Strowel and Benjamin Docquir: Belgium
Karin Grau-Kuntz: Brazil
Eric Macramalla: Canada
Lian Yunze and Liu Yuping: China
Ladislav Jakl: Czech Republic
Knud Wallberg: Denmark
George Souter: Finland
David Taylor: France
Torsten Bettinger: Germany
Apostolos Chronopoulos: Greece
Hong Xue: Hong Kong
Pravin Anand: India
James Bridgeman: Ireland
Ellen Shankman: Israel
Philipp Fabbio: Italy
Makoto Hattori and Nodoka Nakamura: Japan
Adonna Alkema: The Netherlands
Kristine Celius: Norway
Justyna Ozegalski-Trybalska: Poland
Gonçalo da Cunha Ferreira: Portugal
Iouri Kobiako von Gramm and Natalia Gulyaeva: Russian Federation
Tan Tee Jim: Singapore
Charne Le Roux: South Africa
Ho-Hyun Nahm: South Korea
Albert Agustinoy: Spain
Petter Rindforth: Sweden
Gallus Joller: Switzerland
Mustafa Aksu: Turkey
Dawn Osborne: United Kingdom
William R. Towns: United States

Part III - Rights Protection Mechanisms
A. Rights Protection Mechanisms for new gTLDs
I: Rights Protection against Applications for a new gTLDs (Pre-Delegation Dispute Resolution)
1: Torsten Bettinger and Mike Rodenbaugh: New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure
2: Torsten Bettinger: String Confusion Objection
3: Torsten Bettinger: Legal Rights Obligation
4: Torsten Bettinger: Public Interest Objection
5: Torsten Bettinger: Community Based Objections
II: Rights Protection against the operation and use of new gTLDs by the Registry Operator (Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution)
1: David taylor: Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Policy (PDDRP)
2: Torsten Bettinger: Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedures (RRDRP)
3: Torsten Bettinger: Public Interest Commitments Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP)
III: Rights Protection against the Registration and Use of Domain Names within a new gLTD
1: Hong Xue, Torsten Bettinger, and Allegra Waddell: Trademark Clearing House, Sunrise Procedures and the Trademark Claims Service (TMCH)
2: Torsten Bettinger and Allegra Waddell: Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS)
3: Torsten Bettinger: Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy
4: Torsten Bettinger: Registry Specific Rights Protection Mechanisms (DPML)
B. Rights Protection Mechanisms for all gLTDs
I: Torsten Bettinger and Allegra Waddell: Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure (UDRP)
II: Other Consensus Policies
III: gTLD Specific Dispute Resolution Procedures
C. Rights Protection Mechanisms for ccLTDs
I: Torsten Bettinger and Allegra Waddell: Alternative Dispute Resolution for .EU
II: Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures for ccTLDs
1: Torsten Bettinger: UDRP for ccTLDs
2: Torsten Bettinger: ccTLD Specific Dispute Resolution

Part IV - Joint Recommendation
Torsten Bettinger: Table of Country Overviews
Torsten Bettinger and Allegra Waddell: Table of Country Overviews
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