Standardization Under EU Competition Rules And US Antitrust Laws
� The Rise and Limits of Self-Regulation
Författare:Lundqvist Björn
Titel:Standardization Under EU Competition Rules And US Antitrust Laws � The Rise and Limits of Self-Regulation
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Standardization under EU Competition Rules and US Antitrust Laws offers comparative insight into how technology standards and the standard setting process are regulated under United States antitrust law and European Union competition rules respectively. The current focus on single firms’ use of patents to exclude competition, for example, patent and FRAND ambush, is discussed, as well as the forms of collaboration making up the standardization process.

Bjorn Lundqvist analyses the standardization process, looking, for example, at the agreements and the conduct of firms prior to the enactment of a technology standard by a Standard Setting Organisation. Lundqvist asks whether these collaborations are more of an antitrust problem in themselves than the problems (such as ‘patent thickets’, ‘anticommons’, ‘royalty stacking’ and patent/FRAND ambush) they are designed to resolve.

1. R&D Collaborations, Technology Standardization Agreements and Patent Pools – Antitrust Problems or Efficient Solutions to Antitrust Problems?
2. The Proliferation of IP Rights and the Rise of Standards
3. The Governance and Institutional Structure of SSOs
4. The Regulation of Standardization Agreements and Adjoining Collaborations
5. Patent Pools
6. Unilateral Conduct under Standards
7. Comparative Analysis and Critique
8. Conclusion
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