Damages Claims for the Infringement of EU Competition Law
Författare:Lianos Ioannis , Davis Peter , Nebbia Paolisa
Titel:Damages Claims for the Infringement of EU Competition Law
Omfång:394 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:Skadeståndsrätt , Marknadsrätt , EU-rätt

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Damages Claims for the Infringement of Competition Law addresses the current state of the law in the EU on damages claims for the infringement of EU competition law by combining a theoretical with a practical perspective.

The work first focuses on the relevant Community acquis, examining all aspects of EU law that may be relevant to damages claims (whether brought by a consumer or not) such as those concerning fault and 'excusable errors', small claims, legal aid, alternative dispute resolution, as well as private international law instruments.

The book then delves into the economic underpinnings of claims for damages, including optimal enforcement theory and damages and the legal standards of liability, the evaluation of damages for cartels, exploitative conduct and exclusionary conduct.

The work also examines collective actions (legal regime and financing aspects), the interaction between damages claims and public enforcement, as well as issues relating to multi-jurisdictional enforcement and damages claims.

1.: Introduction
2.: Historical Perspective on Damages Claims in Competition Law in the EU
3.: The Current and Projected EU Regime and some National Accounts
4.: The Intersection of Law and Economics in Damages Claims: Focus on Causation
5.: Evaluating Damages: A Primer
6.: The Interaction between Damages Claims and Public Enforcement in Europe: An Economic and Legal Perspective
7.: Cross-border Antitrust Damages Claims
8.: Conclusion
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