Information and Law in Transition
� Freedom of speech, the internet, privacy and democracy in the 21st century
Författare:Lind Anna-Sara , Reichel Jane , Österdahl Inger
Titel:Information and Law in Transition � Freedom of speech, the internet, privacy and democracy in the 21st century
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In this book we have gathered a number of prominent scholars who analyze the developments of information and law from their respective perspective. The papers were first presented at a colloquium at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University in September 2014.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part of the book is comprised of the contributions having a more general scope; developments within a new landscape, regulatory matters and questions relating to security, technology and information. The second part sets information and law in contexts and focuses towards more specific matters; fundamental rights in a new context, issues relating to the right to be forgotten and finally, welfare, health and research.

The Internet and other information and communication technologies have created exciting new possibilities for connecting individuals across borders and continents. The new technologies also raise significant legal, ethical and political concerns. The Internet has thus permitted the instantaneous dissemination of information as well as created an entirely new arena for hate speech. New information and communication technologies have made possible the creation of large registries and databases with the potential to lead to effective cross-border law enforcement, foster important new research as well as unwarranted mapping of individual persons’ private life. How society responds to this can have an impact on how we perceive democracy, and the realization of the rule of law, as well as on transparency and legitimacy in communication between individuals and states. It also affects the relationship between the public sphere and the individual.
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