Crime and Justice Volume 44 A review of research
Författare:Tonry Michael
Titel:Crime and Justice Volume 44 A review of research
Omfång:619 sid.
Förlag:Chicago university press
Ämnesord:Kriminologi , Straffrätt

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Volume 44 of Crime and Justice is essential reading for scholars, policy makers, and practitioners who need to know about the latest advances in knowledge concerning crime, its causes, and its control.

Contents include:
- Robert D. Crutchfield on the complex interactions among race, social class, and crime;
- Cassia Spohn on race, crime, and punishment in America;
- Marianne van Ooijen and Edward Kleemans on the “Dutch model” of drug policy;
- Beau Kilmer, Peter Reuter, and Luca Giommoni on cross-national and comparative knowledge about drug use and control drugs;
- Michael Tonry on federal sentencing policy since 1984;
- Kathryn Monahan, Laurence Steinberg, and Alex R. Piquero on the growing influence of bioscience and developmental psychology on juvenile justice policy and practice;
- Cheryl Lero Jonson and Francis T. Cullen on prisoner reentry programs;
- James P. Lynch and Lynn A. Addington on cultural changes in tolerance of violence amd their effects on crime statistics;
- Brandon C. Welsh, David P. Farrington, and B. Raffan Gowar on benefit-cost analysis of crime prevention;
- Torbjorn Skardhamar, Jukka Savolainen, Kjersti N. Aase, and Torkild H. Lyngstad on the effects of marriage on criminality;
- John MacDonald on the effects on crime rates and patterns of urban design and development.
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