Investigating European Fraud in the EU Member States
Författare:Bernardi Alessandro , Negri Daniele
Titel:Investigating European Fraud in the EU Member States
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This book offers a detailed overview of the rules regarding criminal investigations into financial-economic criminality in the EU's main legal systems. These rules have become fundamental to the effective protection of the Union's financial interests. It undertakes a comparative study of six national legislatures (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, the UK) which serve as paradigms of the different judicial systems existing in the Union, in order to offer a complete overview of the different approaches to financial-economic investigation in the EU. The work is further enriched with cross–sectional essays that deal with the more general issues, such as data-protection and the future of investigations in the view of the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office (or EPPO). This provides a wider perspective on the themes considered. The book also examines trans-national issues, providing essential context to the EU's legislative instruments intended to protect the financial interests of the Union.


Prof Dr Alessandro Bernardi and Prof Dr Daniele Negri

PART I: The Fight against Financial-Economic Crime through Specialised Investigative Bodies
1. Dynamics and Operational Models of Financial-Economic Investigations in Italy
Dr Fabio Nicolicchia
2. Investigating Economic Crimes in Spain: An Attempt to Find Order in Chaos
Prof Dr Adán Nieto Martín and Dr Juan José González López

PART II: Establishing Specifi c Competences in Prosecuting Financial-Economic Crime
3. Criminal Investigations in Financial-Economic Matters in France
Dr Olivier Cahn

PART III: The Role of Administrative Authorities in Investigating Financial-Economic Crimes
4. The Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Financial Crimes-Role and Function of Administrative
Authorities in Germany
Prof Dr Martin Böse
5. The Role of Fiscal Administrative Authorities in Poland
Prof Dr hab Celina Nowak

PART IV: Prosecuting Financial-Economic Offences Outside the Roman Legal System
6. The Dynamics of Investigating and Prosecuting Financial and Economic Crimes in the UK
Prof Dr Valsamis Mitsilegas and Dr Theodora A Christou

PART V: Final Cross-sectional Essays
7. Data Protection Issues in Transnational Financial-Economic Investigations
Dr Francesco Morelli
8. Best Practices and Operational Models in Financial-Economic Investigations in Europe in View of the EPPO
Prof Dr Daniele Negri
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