Understanding Jurisprudence
� An Introduction to Legal Theory
Författare:Wacks Raymond
Titel:Understanding Jurisprudence � An Introduction to Legal Theory
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Written with students in mind, Professor Raymond Wacks brings legal theory to life through his lucid and entertaining style. The author has crafted a manageable guide, balancing concise introductions to the key theorists and core issues such as punishment and rights without ignoring the subtleties of the subject.

Seminal quotes from leading scholars are included to help students recognise the impact of their work, while extensive further reading suggestions at the end of each chapter invite students to explore the broad range of literature available on central topics. Each chapter concludes with a series of critical questions designed to encourage reader to think analytically about the law and the key debates which surround it.

This book is accompanied by online resources which includes multiple-choice questions with instant feedback to give students the chance to test their understanding.


1: What's it all about?
2: Natural law and morality
3: Classical legal positivism
4: Modern legal positivism
5: Law and moral legitimacy
6: Legal realism
7: Law and social theory
8: Historical and anthropological jurisprudence
9: Theories of justice
10: Rights
11: Why obey the law?
12: Why punish?
13: Critical legal theory
14: Feminist theory
15: Jurisprudence understood
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