Market Abuse Regulation
� Commentary and Annotated Guide
Författare:Ventoruzzo Marco , Mock Sebastian
Titel:Market Abuse Regulation � Commentary and Annotated Guide
Omfång:554 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press

Pris: 1994 SEK exkl. moms


This book analyses the European market abuse regime contained in the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and related directives and regulations.

Written by leading scholars in the field of capital market law from a number of European jurisdictions, the book is divided into two main parts. The first consists of chapters considering relevant issues by topic; whilst the second provides the first article-by-article commentary on the Regulation, with a detailed and technical analysis of its terms. In the first part guidance is arranged by topic and includes aspects not directly addressed by MAR such as enforcement, and the impact of US securities regulation. As well as considering the sources of market abuse regulation in general, this first part also examines its theoretical and economic framework in order to provide better understanding of the Regulation itself.


Part A
1: History, Application, Interpretation, and Legal Sources of the Market Abuse Regulation, Sebastian Mock
2: The Concept of Insider Dealing, Marco Ventoruzzo
3: The Concept of Market Manipulation, Sebastian Mock
4: Public Disclosure of Inside Information and Market Abuse, Alain Pietrancosta
5: Public Enforcement of the Market Abuse Regulation, Sofie Cools
6: Private Enforcement of the Market Abuse Regulation in European Law, Danny Busch
Part B
1: General Provisions, Sebastian Mock
2: Inside Information, Insider Dealing, Unlawful Disclosure of Inside Information and Market Manipulation, Marco Ventoruzzo, Jesper Lau Hansen, Maria Chiara Mosca, Arad Reisberg, Sebastian Mock
3: Disclosure Requirements, Alain Pietrancosta, Marco Dell'Erba
4: ESMA and Competent Authorites, Johannes Zollner
5: Administrative Measures and Sanctions, Sofie Cools
6: Delegated Acts and Implementing Acts, Sebastian Mock
7: Final Provisions, Sebastian Mock
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